Silicone button displacement and curve travel test. Click the life test button. The collision frequency is set to 3-4 per second. Impact strength = product load +50g. The number of shocks is approximately one million, which can be set according to customer requirements. Keyboard character wear test. Friction rate is 60 times per minute (can be set according to customer requirements). Choose 500g + 100g weight on the right side (product restriction test). Silicone keyboard friction time of 30000 +(can be set according to customer requirements). Humidity 40% -50% RH. The test temperature was 23±2℃. The test results show that the surface coating of the key does not peel off and the character is clear. Secondary measurement image. Adjust optical lens, focal length, lighting and other parameters. View the details of the product image at different magnification. Move the point you want to measure to an aligned position. Testers control the X and Y axes and record product data.